Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Joe Biden

Monday, July 30, 2007

"Whether You Like It Or Not, Learn To Love It, Because Joe Biden Is The Best Thing Going!" Woooooo

Greatest Wrestler of AllTime Ric Flair - Our Next President Sen. Joe Biden-Link
While Obama and Hillary continue to attack each other, Joe Biden gets back to the two issues that has really been destroying and brainwashing our country for the last 6 years ....... the Iraq war and Republican talking points. As I see Fox News become more and more irrelevant everyday with their war and terrorism rhetoric, the more I watch and listen to every Republican Presidential Candidate, the more irrelevant they become as well. Geeze, it's almost like the Republicans aren't even trying anymore. When is the last time a Republican candidate spoke about ending poverty, or fixing healthcare, or figuring out how to end discrimination against minorities in this country? It's very laughable I know. Yesterday Republican Presidential Candidate Rudy Giuliani stepped up his rhetorical attacks on the Democratic Presidential Candidates saying that the whole Democratic field are a bunch of "losers" with their heads in the sand when it comes to "Islamic Terrorism." This was Joe Biden's response to that statement: "Rudy Giuliani just doesn't get it. Tough talk and cheap shots won't make America any safer or get mine resistant vehicles to our troops any faster. It is absurd for Rudy Giuliani to call Democrats ‘losers' after five years of failed Republican policies in Iraq. "It is outrageous that three years after the 9/11 Commission made its recommendations virtually nothing has been funded by this White House and yet Giuliani continues to make the pathetic case that his party has provided leadership fighting terrorism. As everyone knows, until we end the war in Iraq, we are distracted from the main agenda of combating terrorism in Afghanistan and strengthening our homeland security. Giuliani and the rest of the Republican candidates continue to cling to this Administration's failed policy that a strong central government can be propped up in Iraq. If these are the positions he wants to defend, I invite him to debate me on these important topics."

I'm sorry Rudy but ..... is this the best you can do? Tell me again, what is your plan to fight poverty? Rudy, what are you going to do about racial disparities in this country? Rudy, when you're done writing letters for Scooter Libby, will you ever get around to writing a healthcare plan? In the words of Ric Flair, if you're gonna talk the talk, you got to walk the walk - and Joe Biden is doing just that ...... Wooooooo!

Friday, July 27, 2007

The New Smashing Pumpkins

For those of you who know me best and what I really enjoy, you know that Music and Sports are my two favorite things ever. Back on July 3rd, three friends and I were able to go see Smashing Pumpkins at the Orange Peel up in Asheville, N.C. This was one of nine shows that they performed while being up there. The Orange Peel only holds around 900 people so as you can imagine we were about 10 feet from the stage the entire time. This is the first time I think the Pumpkins have played since Dec. 2000. Lead singer Billy Corgan and drummer Jimmy Chamberlein are the only two original members who are still with the band. They have added a new electric guitar player, female bass player (and yes she is hotter than the last), and a female keyboardist. They went on around 10:00 and got done right at 1:00am. Corgan blew an amp out in the first hour that took about 20 minutes to correct but other than that, the show was incredible! This is one of the best 10 bands to come out from the 90's era and it's great seeing them back on the road making music. The song below is a brand new song that won't even be on their new cd. He wrote it while in Asheville about a week before this show. He opened the concert with this one and while it doesn't have a name yet, for now we'll just call it "I Don't Mind." Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Memo To Gov. Sanford and S.C. Legislators: Make The Call To The Bullpen, We Need John Rainey

John Rainey is a practicing attorney, chairman of the board of Easlan Capital Inc., and Chairman of the SC Board of Economic Advisors. Mr. Rainey received his undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia and holds law degrees from the University of South Carolina and Georgetown University.

Sometimes I find myself writing the most obvious things. You won't catch me endorsing a Conservative too often, especially one who wears a Seersucker suit 24/7, but there's no question who Mark Sanford and the Legislators should get to be the next SC Treasurer ....... John Rainey. Not only would he be the best man for the job, but he warned us of Ravenel 10 months ago. There aren't three people in this state more conservative than Rainey, but if there is one Republican who will show common sense and integrity as State Treasurer, it's him. It would be easy to sit here as a Democrat and pout and say "but he's a Republican and he's going to vote in line with Mark Sanford on the B&C Board." Yes and No.

We can't make up for our mistake that we made back in November, but since we do have a new start and it's still early into the term, let's go ahead and get him warming up in the bullpen. Let's face it, Rainey is someone who Mark Sanford, the Senate, and the House can all agree on. My gosh! We should be begging John Rainey to accept this position. If I was Governor, as soon as I suspended T-Rav from his position, I would have immediately placed a call to John Rainey's log cabin in Colorado and made it clear that we desperately need him. I'm supporting Rainey because he is the most qualified and he was dead right 10 months ago! Exactly right. He also made us more aware on the real problems of our schools - Corridor of Shame

Everyone remembers the Q&A that Rainey had with Ravenel back in August. Everyone saw first hand how much he cares for this state and how familiar he is with the Treasurer's position. This "Rocky Mountain Liberal" may or may not take the job if offered, but damnit, he would be the best man for it. Whether its education, economics, anything ..... this man is way ahead of the game. No offense to these guys, but trying to appoint Rick Quinn, Greg Ryberg, or anyone else over Rainey would be absolutely insane! Just because they ran for the Treasurer's position doesn't mean that they had any business being in the race. I thought the entire field of (R) Candidates were extremely unqualified but unfortunately if you have a R beside your name and pronounce your love for Dale Earnhardt, you will get elected in this state. No need to get a left and a righty going, just make the call to the bullpen and get John Rainey warming up.

Gov. Sanford Names Wingate Interim Treasurer - Link
I'm fine with this for now, it's only temporary, but starting in January, I want John Rainey to be the Treasurer till the term ends.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Purdue Pharmaceutical

Contributor Jeff P.

Imagine this…There is a drug dealer in your neighborhood. He’s been there over the past dozen years. He deals a drug that is as dangerous as heroin. He was warned of the dangers. People told him that over a five year period, deaths resulting from the use of this drug that he distributed jumped over 400%! Despite these dangerous revelations, that information was pushed under the table and this dealer continued to sell. He made millions upon millions. He told people that the drug was safer, less addictive, and was meant to feel good without having to worry about abuse becoming a problem. This despite all the evidence. And then finally after twelve plus years of marketing and selling and making money hand over fist, it all comes crashing down…

If I gave you this scenario about your neighborhood, as a good law abiding American, you would demand justice. Significant jail time. Throw away the key. The more adamant people against crime might be screaming for the death penalty. And who could blame any of these people for suggesting these easures? Unfortunately, the scenario that I provided for you did not happen on the hard streets of some urban city. The decisions to sell were not made in back alleys. And money was not exchanged on some dark street where the street lights had been knocked out to conceal identities. These decisions were instead make in corporate boardrooms, with coat and tie executives hiding the ill effects of Oxycontin in order to protect their growing stock options and second homes in the hills. The money passed through pharmacies and doctor’s offices across the nation, with misinformation being distributed to the people we trust our well-being with so that a couple of fat cats could get rich. And the sentence for this … no prison time, no throwing away the keys, locking them under the jail. A fine, a large one at that, but still nothing more than a fine. Welcome to America!

Last week, Purdue Pharmaceutical pled guilty to misleading the public and misbranding their drug, despite almost a decade’s worth of information that pointed out the potentially devastating effects of their drugs. Today, the FDA estimates that Oxycontin could be the most abused prescription drug in the United States. For the blatant disregard for the public’s well being, three top Purdue executives who deliberately hid the information from the public will be fined $600 million. Now, I know that $600 million sounds like a lot …and it is. There is no disputing that. However, when you take into account that these top executives probably have millions of dollars tied up in stock options, 401K’s, potential interviews, and other financially lucrative opportunities, $600 million isn’t that bad of a price to pay to avoid prison time. Aside from the numbers and figures, how likely is it that these suits pay anyway?

What I think we really see happening here is a number of problems that need to be addressed … and they aren’t partisan to Republican or Democrats. First of all, there is a double standard in America. If you are a black heroin dealer in Gary, Indiana, you are going to prison. If you are sleek, white executive, who deals Oxycontin, you pay a fine. Secondly, our government is held hostage by special interests. As Americans, we should be outraged that white collar coat and ties are able to get away with this. However, since pharmaceutical companies accounted for over $100 million in campaign contributions in 2000 alone, Congress typically turns a blind eye towards the actions of the pharmaceutical industry. Finally, as our country focuses on murder, rape, and your more traditional forms of drug abuse, we have ignored the white collar improprieties of Halliburton, Enron, and now Purdue Pharmaceuticals.

Isn’t it time that we hold everyone (person and business alike) to the same level of accountability?

Monday, May 14, 2007

Politics Rocks Statement To Rep. Kris Krawford: "I Don't Believe A Word You're Saying"

If you are unfamiliar with what took place last week, to follow the storyline in the right order, read this first (Sen. Leatherman vs. Kris Krawford), then read this second (Krawford's response), before reading this current blog.
"Yea ........ Right......"

The panicky statement issued by Rep. Kris Crawford last Wednesday proved why the freshman Representative of Florence cannot be trusted. Of all the people who hang around the SC Statehouse, there is no possible way any of them could have read his press release with a straight face. It would have been too hard for at least one of them to not hysterically bust out with laughter falling to the floor. You know, the kind of hard laughter that makes the side of your stomach start to hurt when someone makes an outrageous and hilarious statement!

It was fortunate reading Rep. Crawford proclaim his heavy support for Sen. Leatherman. But a week from now, behind the scenes, will Rep. Crawford call Mr. Leatherman Senator Pork? or Dirty Dealer Leatherman? No one is buying what Kris Crawford is selling. We confirmed this from the very beginning of his statement when he said that "he has no intentions of opposing Leatherman in a future race for the S.C. Senate." My gosh, if you are not going to run against Leatherman then just come out and say "I am 100% sure I will not run against Sen. Leatherman." In my opinion, his statement was an attempt to give himself the opportunity to "flip-flop." He better be careful though. Voters love strength and hate wishy-washy politicians, especially SC Republican voters.

I had my suspicions about this man from the start, and now they have been confirmed. From now on, every time I see him speak on TV, or read any of Rep. Crawford's quotes in the paper, I'm sure there will be one thing that will keep running through my head, "I don't believe a word you're saying. I don't believe a word you're saying. I don't believe ..."

Thursday, May 10, 2007

It's Official: Representative Crawford Is Scared Of Senator Leatherman .... So He Says

Wednesday - May 9 - BY Morning News Staff Reports Morning News
Rep. Kris Crawford of Florence issued a statement Wednesday emphasizing his strong support of Sen. Hugh Leatherman of Florence and that he has no intentions of opposing Leatherman in a future race for the S.C. Senate. Crawford sent out a press release to state his strong support of Leatherman in response to a “recent internet blog report that erroneously reported that I intend to run for the State Senate against Sen. Hugh Leatherman.”

In a phone interview from the State House with the Morning News, Crawford said the report had created such a buzz there that he felt the need to issue the statment. He said that he and Leatherman are working closely on a number of key issues and the report could not be further from the truth. Crawford’s statement went on to say: “ ... during Sen. Leatherman’s last campaign I appeared in a TV commercial for him. I have donated money to his campagin fund, and I have most recently been a host for a reception that was held for Sen. Leatherman in Florence. “Sen. Leatherman and I are friends, and we have assembled a great legislative team for Florence County and the Pee Dee. “We are working together closelyon several important issues that affect our region, and I am proud to be his colleague. “Not only will I not run for the Senate, I encourage Sen. Leatherman to run for re-election and wish to be the first to publicly endorse him.”

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Rep. Kristopher "Kris(sy)" Crawford vs. Sen. Hugh Leatherman

Sen. Hugh Leatherman - Rep. Kris Crawford

We are sitting around 13 months away from next year's primary election in Florence, SC. Word on the street has it that (R) Rep. Kris Crawford is planning a sneak attack against (R) Sen. Hugh Leatherman. Kris is a new and very wealthy House member. It is no surprise to anyone who is around the SC Statehouse, that Kris is a "yes man" or "thank you sir, may I have another" new house pledge to Mark Sanford. Word on the street also says that Sanford is planning on using his leftover out of state campaign cash to help Crawford defeat Leatherman. (Let's not forget, Crawford is a physician in Florence who probably has the capability to spend a lot of his own money as well)

Back on March 2, 2005, Senator Leatherman introduced Dr. Kristopher Crawford of Florence, S.C., as Doctor of the Day. If Crawford immediately turns around and runs against the legend, Senator Leatherman, then he has no spine whatsoever. The way I see it, Cris Crawford is jeopardizing his career by latching on to Sanford. Yes, Sanford did take 55% of the vote 6 months ago, but he's such a lameduck Governor. Unemployment and economic growth will continue to sit at a stand still. The public will get tired hearing the same ole samle ole 5 years in a row in the next few weeks. There will be tons and tons of negative press against him on the Coastal Insurance Crisis to begin with, followed by many other blunders that will probably come out. Also, keep in mind, Crawford will be running against a sitting Senator of 115 years who has performed great service for the people of Florence.

If Crawford runs against Sen. Leatherman and ruins his political career a year from now, I just hope that he doesn't act like a sore loser. You know, kind of like a kid that loses a game to 11 and insists that you play up to 15 instead. Next time I write This Blog again, I'll be sure to include him in the list.


Bill Self (Kansas Basketball Coach) --------------------- Rep. Kris Crawford

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Warm Up The Bus, Warm Up The Bus!

Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney - Michael Landon (Little House on The Prairie)

This blog in no way is meant to bash Gov. Mitt Romney. According to the most recent poll among Republican voters, - Poll Link - Romney is polling at 4%. I'm not one who puts a huge deal of stock in polls, but trust me, if you're only polling at 4% right now, that basically means that you have just a few more months left until you have to pull out of this race. I don't care how well he speaks, I don't care how well he looks, and I don't care how tall he is ...... he is done!

What I find amazing is that according to the poll, 3 out of 10 Republican voters won't vote for him simply because he is Morman. Only 2 out of 10 Republican voters won't vote for Guiliani because of his stance on abortion and gay marriage. The former New York mayor Guliani led among Republicans with 44 percent to McCain's 21 percent. Former House speaker Newt Gingrich of Georgia ran third in the latest poll with 15 percent, while former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney was fourth with 4 percent. Someone please tell the driver for the Romney campaign to warm up the bus, because this Republican Presidential game is about to come to an end for the Romney Team!

This really is of no surprise to me. I knew he was done as soon as I watched this video below.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Our Blog Has Officially Come To An End! Politics Rocks Wishes Everyone A Very Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!

What you see below is real. No photoshopping was used on the picture below!

"Like many South Carolinians, Karen and her husband are avid hunters," Floyd Spokesman Hogan Gidley said.

So long and farewell from Politics Rocks. Thanks to all the readers, anonymous comments, and just everyone who participated, read, liked, and hated my blog! It's been since the middle of November 2005 when I started this thing and it's time it comes to an end! Who knows, I may start up a Doughnuts & Politics blog next, but as of right now, I will take a break. Feel free to check out my Sports Talk Rocks blog and comment on there, but for now, the 2 blogs below will be my last ones on here. Also, scroll down and learn who your Senators are! (Thanks to everyone who helped out and gave me suggestions for the look alikes)

Top Ten List: Top Ten Biggest Losers In The Mark Sanford Fanclub (**Updated)

Pearl Jam's First Record And My All Time Favorite CD -"Ten"

1. Mark Sanford - SC Governor
2. The Herald Journal Editorial Staff- Spartanburg, SC Newspaper
3. Richard Eckstrom - SC Comptroller General
4. Katon Dawson- SC GOP Chair
5. Jason Miller - Sanford's Deputy Chief of Staff For Coalitions/Strategic Planning
6. Joshua Gross - Director of SC Club 4 Growth
7. Joel Sawyer - Current Press Secretary to Mark Sanford
8. Ralph Norman - Former Candidate for U.S. House District 5
9. Karen Floyd - Former Candidate for SC Superintendent of Education
10. Sunny Phillips - SC GOP Fundraiser
There's been some changes to this Top Ten List from a few months ago, but still, you know these are some bad losers when Former Press Secretary Will Folks can't even crack the Top Ten. He normally would finish in the top two of almost any other list such as this, but with some of the rising stars that have popped up in the Mark Sanford FanClub, he still remains off the list. The Herald-Journal Editorial Staff was at the #10 spot, but now has been moved up and cruising along just fine at the #2 spot. Thanks to their 1,027th makeout session over the last year with Mark Sanford in this editorial story from last week, it's safe to say their #2 spot is nowhere near in jeopardy. Jason Miller is a newcomer just recently added to the list. If there has ever been a public official more unequipped to be Governor ... Mark Sanford is your man. If there ever has been someone as clueless to support that, Joshua Gross fits that description. He got bumped and is sitting comfortably in the #6 spot. I won't get into the other recieving vote names or honorable mention names, but I will inform you on one more change in the Top Ten List. Sunny Phillips! Yes, I know her heart was crushed 3 months ago when she didn't make this list but now she can go home, pop open a beer and party on! Sunny, you were an honorable mention last time, this time you made the list! Congratulations! I present to you the Top Ten: Biggest Losers In The Mark Sanford Fanclub starting off the year 2007!


3 Possible Outcomes For Mark Sanford's Next 4 Years As South Carolina's Governor

Scott Baio from "Charles In Charge" -------- SC Governor Mark Sanford

After reading dumb idea # 1,587 from Mark Sanford the other week, I would love to ask for a recall of his position as Governor, but since that won't happen .... I'm going to predict 3 possible outcomes that will take place over the next 4 years, and which one I would like to see happen.

1. He stays the Libertarian course and just drives the Governor's office into the ground and proves why the Legislature should have the amount power that it does. This could involve continued income tax cuts for the super wealthy, continued pushing school vouchers to help you guessed it ..... , and/or trying to shrink government to the size of a borderline dictatorship.

2. He could do all those things in option number one, plus fight strongly against the Legislature even going as far as helping opposing candidates campaign against the elected Senators in their re-election primaries in 2008. If he is really able to get Katon Dawson and some others on his side, it could potentially swing some R's to switch parties. Don't think that's not a possibility, because it def. is.

3. (This is the one I would like to see) Sanford could change course, he could work with the Legislature, he could learn that investing is important, and he could really focus on bringing jobs to South Carolina! If Sanford could pull this off, then every sentence about his political career years later would start off with, "But no matter what, he was the one who helped make South Carolina ............"

Now, I know that seems so improbable as to be near impossible for that to happen, but it's his only chance to be remembered as a great Governor. If he could pull it off, he could still be remember as a Carroll Campbell . Think about it, as of right now, he will be remembered as the Governor that brought pigs into the Statehouse! No one wants to be remembered for that! No matter how bad he screws up things for the rest of his time as Governor, if he can compromise and get the Legislature to rally behind him and land a couple of solid deals bringing some industry into this state, he would be forever remembered as a great Governor! What does he have to lose? Why not give it a shot? This is a genuine outreach to try and help the Governor. This is our state and I still care! And you should too!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dear Abby,

Dear Abby,
I never thought I would write to you, but I need some advice. A few months ago, removed Politics Rocks from their "Blogs and Websites" list on their website and have not placed it back on there ever since. I really don't feel bad at all for challenging Karen Floyd and making fun of her campaign manager/SCHotline owner's, Mike Green on a regular basis, but I wish I wouldn't have been removed from the site.

I consider my website smart enough, good looking enough, and doggone it .... people just like it. Granted, I'm not as smart as some of the other bloggers on here, and I don't use big words in my blogs. However, as I like to say, it's not the size of your words that count, but how loud the people scream in reaction to them! I really want to continue fighting the good fight, but I just don't know if I can do it anymore. If wouldn't have damaged my heart like the way they did, I wouldn't even be thinking about retiring!

Abby, why did remove me from their list? Did they have someone better come along to replace me? Did they just get super mad at me for supporting Jim Rex in the Superintendent of Education Race? Even though the boys running SCHotline are gutless and spineless, I'm still embarrassed to admit that I only lasted 2 months with them! Was it my fault or was it theirs?

Please help:
Signed Michael Reese from SC,

Thursday, December 14, 2006

2006 Blogger Of The Year Award - Gervais Bridges

Monday, January 16, 2006

Campbell Adds Acute Accent Mark To Campaign Signs; Bauer Responds With Umlaut
Violation of time-honored language rules upsets some

B & P News - Columbia - In a new brand of political gamesmanship, Lt. Governor-candidate Mike Campbell this week added an acute accent mark to his Campbell’s Soup-style campaign signs. Lt. Governor Andre Bauer responded with his own new diacritical mark -- a prominent umlaut.“This is clearly a case of accent-mark envy,” said Bauer in a telephone interview with B & P News. “We saw this last election when Leventis put a tilde over his N. It wasn’t even pronounceable.” Campbell responded to the claim of diacritic envy by saying, "Is not," and then offering, "He started it."While the exchange between the Bauer and Campbell camps seems to have stalemated for now, some people -- including Governor Mark Sanford -- worry that political candidates are using too much discretion with their signs.“What is up with the ‘V’ in Lovelace? It’s a weird blue shape, like maybe a slice of pizza," noted Sanford. "He’s a doctor -- what if he goes to administer an IV and he inserts an ‘I-blue pizza’ instead? Sounds like malpractice to me.”Some South Carolina voters are also wary of the trend, and prefer candidates who opt for more traditional signs."I've always liked Jakie Knotts 'cause he sticks with plain ol' letters," said Lexington resident Duke Murray. "Not all them fancy vowels and whatnots."Educators agree that the signs could send the wrong message, especially to our schoolchildren.“I’ve always worried about politicians taking our liberty,” said Dreher High English teacher Jessamine Flowers. “But now, they’re taking liberties with the language I love to teach.”

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

This Is Interesting ....

2004, November Elections: The Herald-Journal Editorial Page endorsed all Republicans running for political office.
2006, November Elections: Endorsed 1 Democrat out of 7 Statewide Races (even endorsed Karen Floyd and Mark Sanford)

With a majority of the population currently placing vast amounts of confidence in newspapers and their editorial opinions, as citizens, we cannot allow these newspapers to mislead and be deceptive. We, the undersigned, ask the Herald-Journal Newspaper (Spartanburg, S.C.) to get a new Editorial Page Editor. Unfortunately, Michael Smith has been and still maintains a big delusional and extreme conservative view. His radical stance should come to an end now, and the Herald-Journal Editorial Page should get back to the sensible center.

Monday, December 11, 2006

You Know, This Sounds Like The Kind Of Stuff People Think Up While .....

TV Actor Dylan McDermott ---- SC Governor Mark Sanford
After reading the article from the link above, it really makes you scratch your head asking yourself ...... was Mark Sanford smoking weed when coming up with that idea, or was it his new Strategic Planner who he hired for $106,000, Jason Miller that came up with it (while smoking weed)? I mean COME ON! Setting up weighing Stations on hwy 17 to back up traffic! It's been over a month since you guys won re-election and this is the best idea you could come up with? I've come to a conclusion .....
They've given up before ever starting the new term. The Mark Sanford team look and act like a losing basketball team with an 0-25 record, and they have to play the best team in the state with a 25-0 record. They know they're not going to win before the game even starts, they've given up before the jumpball ever takes place so what do they do instead ...... they don't take the game seriously and do everything in their power to put on a circus show! They rant and rave at the officials when they're down 80-30 in the 4th quarter, they do dumb things to try and get technical fouls, they yell and probably even tell the reporters after the game that they could have won if they just didn't keep putting the score up on the scoreboard. And yea, I'm sure they probably "accidentally" have water jug tip over behind the bench too at some point.
We should be sick to our stomachs every day for re-electing Mark Sanford to a 2nd term as Governor. The man is simply not up to the job. Even if he really wanted to be or cared to be an effective Governor, he ... could ... not ... do ... it. There's really no reason for me to even talk about his "idea" that he came up with. Jake Knotts warned us back in July on here when I interviewed him, he told us it would be a sad day for South Carolina if Mark Sanford was re-elected. He told us it would be nothing but crazy and absurd political stunts. Mark, you're losing 80-30 in the 4th quarter, stop attempting tomahawk jams from the 3point line and stop shooting half-court shots, they're almost impossible to do and it's not going to get you back in the ballgame. Please put the subs on the bench in and see if they will display good sportsmanship and make a few good plays in the remaining minutes!

Here's what Sen. Jake Knotts told us back in July!
this is an audio post - click to play
"The P in my vocabulary, stands for people! Not politics, not party, and not partisanship. It stands for people and their problems and problem solving. And when we get a Governor in the Governor’s office that says that I’m going to listen to the people and I’m going to be there for the people, then we will have a good Governor in South Carolina!" - Jake Knotts